Bloom Barre & Pilates - Boutique Fitness Studio

Group pilates and barre, private reformer pilates and pre & post-natal exercise


All studio sessions are 50 mins in duration and must be booked in advance via our website or the MindBody app.


BeginnersBarre: BeginnersBarre is the perfect entry point if you are new to the world of barre, or enjoy a slightly slower paced class. We begin class with a warm-up series before proceeding into strength work performed both at the barre and on the mat. You will be guided through each position, and will use props to help build awareness of body movements and technique before finishing class with some gentle stretching. We recommend attending a beginner’s class before progressing to our signature class. 

BeginnersPilates: With an emphasis on mindful movement, our BeginnersPilates class focuses heavily on technique and control to help build a stronger physique. Using a variety of props, you will be carefully guided through a set of challenging sequences targeting all major muscle groups before indulging in some well deserved stretching. We recommend attending a beginners class before progressing to our signature class.


SignatureBarre: Our signature barre class is a high energy, challenging workout class designed to specifically target arms, legs, and core to strengthen and lengthen the body. Powered by an upbeat playlist, this class uses our signature isometric movement patterns with the support of the barre (and a few props) to take you through a flow of high-powered sequences that will leave you feeling strong, confident, and energised.

SignaturePilates: Our signature mat class was crafted drawing on the traditional philosophies of pilates and the latest, evidence-based exercise science to create a highly effective, full-body workout. During class we will work through a series of challenging sequences with an emphasis on increasing core strength and improving spinal mobility. Class finishes with gentle stretching and mobilisation.


BloomBaby: Designed purely for pre and post-natal women, BloomBaby is a pilates-inspired fitness class developed to support, strengthen, and condition the body during pregnancy and following delivery.  With an emphasis on connecting movement with breath, you will be guided through 50 minutes of low-intensity, high-concentration exercises. All major muscle groups will be worked during class, with particular attention on increasing core and pelvic floor strength. Small props will be used during class to assist with balance and body awareness before finishing class with some well-deserved stretches. Once baby is born and you are ready to return to class, we welcome you to attend our baby-friendly classes. Baby can be next to you either in a capsule, or on a blanket while you participate in class. 


BloomRestore: Easily our most relaxing class on the schedule, BloomRestore is a low impact, slow-paced class designed as a moving meditation to reconnect mind, body and soul. Using awareness of breath, we indulge in long stretch sequences, myofascial release and gentle balance work finishing with a yoga-style savasana. Guided by your talented instructor and a dreamy soundtrack, you will leave the studio feeling calm and collected. We highly recommend following your signature barre or pilates class with BloomRestore. 


Private 1:1 Reformer/Barre/Pilates: These appointments are a fantastic option for pre and post-natal women, professional athletes and dancers, or for those who wish to spend more time working on technique and form. Our studio owner and master instructor Catie will work with you one-on-one to create a program tailored to your own individual exercise and movement goals. Whether you are wanting to increase strength, improve flexibility, increase your fitness levels, or you simply want to perfect your technique, this is the appointment for you. 

If your schedule doesn’t match ours, or you have a particular goal in mind that you would like extra assistance with, please contact us to arrange a private session.